Find Your Center With Dr. Kravis, Psy.D

Find Your Center With Dr. Kravis, Psy.D

Individual and Adult Therapy in Elkins Park, PA

Whether you're a lifelong advocate of counseling or new to this form of therapy, speaking with an objective third party can bring clarity to your life in many ways. Individual therapy for adults can help decrease stress in your life and help you lead a balanced life. I utilize a variety of counseling techniques to get you the results you are looking for. By targeting the issues and working through them, you will see results. I work with clients that have suffered a loss, have a mental illness such as depression or suffer from PTSD.

As an experienced therapist with over 28 years of experience, I work side by side with you to talk through your problems and help you find balance in your life. From work stress to existing mental illness management, I am there to walk you through the process of therapy.

In addition to adult individual therapy I am experienced in elder care therapy and geriatric therapy. As we get older and our bodies change we can develop a wide variety of medical issues including depression, anxiety and more.

If you don't feel comfortable in your life or want to try a new approach to remedy your problems, call 215-572-1117 to schedule a session.