Work Through Your Hardships and Build a Family

Work Through Your Hardships and Build a Family

Find family therapy in Abington, Upper Dublin, and Elkins Park, PA

Every child is different, and it's impossible to expect your child to act, think or make decisions in the same way you did. The guidance and discipline that was effective for your growth and development might be completely different from what your child needs.

Turn to Robert A. Kravis, Psy.D of Elkins Park, PA and schedule a family therapy session. We'll help you understand your family dynamics and determine the best approaches to raising your child.

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Are you making the right decisions as a parent and spouse?

If you believe your parenting methods aren't effective, you can count on Robert A. Kravis, Psy.D for assistance. Here are some questions we can help you answer:

  • Is discipline right for your child?
  • When are the best and worst times to implement discipline?
  • What forms of discipline are appropriate?
  • How do you get your child to buy in and adhere to the lessons you're trying to teach them?
  • How can you be an effective parent and spouse?
  • How do you make time for your child and your spouse?
  • How has your family influenced your parenting style?